Ronet Depot (26th May 2000)

A selection of photos taken during the visit to Ronet depot during "The Corvallen Freighter" railtour.

Ronet depot is located about a mile or so to the west of Namur station and is only just visible from passenger trains on the line to Charleroi. There is often only a handful of locos on the depot or adjacent yard. Of more interest is the part of the yard immediately adjacent to the depot as it is used for the storage and disposal of withdrawn locomotives.

2359 & 2339 stabled outside the depot shed. 2339 was in ex-works condition - in fact the shopping date on the loco as 26/05/00 - the same day as the photo was taken.  
One of the disused sheds was actually being used to store 5204 and 6003, both of which are owned by PFT.    
"Nohab" .5310 in somewhat worse-for-wear condition! 
There were only ever three class 28's and two of them are in this photo!
2801 & 2802 are stored, pending possible preservation.
The class dates from 1949. 
No class 60's are left in SNCB/NMBS service. 6052 was in somewhat derelict condition but marked "vendu PFT" - i.e. sold to PFT. 
Two long stored class 62's, 6272 & 6270 wait their fate. 
.5153 heads a line of class 59's (5928, 5940 & 5944) whilst on the left  6276 heads another line of locos.  

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