Kinkempois Depot (30th April 2000)

A selection of photos taken during a visit to Kinkempois depot during "The Cloaked Vessel" railtour.

Kinkempois depot is located on a freight only line to the south east of Liege and thus is not passed by any regular passenger service. Classes allocated to the depot include 15, 27, 55, 59, 62,73, 82, 84 & 91. Various preserved locos may also be found stabled at the depot.

Kinkempois is possibly best known for its allocation of Class 55's. They are used for both freight and passenger workings. Recent electrification of the line to Luxembourg has however reduced the passenger workings considerably. This shot shows .5527 at the head of a line of 55's - the dot before the number indicating it does not have a working train heating supply (either not fitted or has been isolated). 

5518 was sitting in the fuelling area.  
Residents in the main shed included preserved electric loco 101.012 and two withdrawn class 18's, 1802 & 1804. The multi-voltage class 18's used to work the international services to Cologne.
Another preserved loco also "on shed" on this occasion was CFL (Luxembourg Railways) class 16, No. 1603. 
.6227 was "on the jacks" receiving attention during the visit. 
The line-up outside the main shed included (L-R) :
2635, 1502, 8226, .6323 & 5528 
Shunters 8203, 8245 & 8223
Two more shunter classes present ere stored/withdrawn 8444 & 9146
One final view of another class 55 - .5504 

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