Hungarian Seminars

A series of seminar photos taken during Mercia Charters four-day "Way of the Warrior" railtour in Hungary in September 2002

The group seminar - all participants in one shot.
(Photo: Duncan Jennings...also in shot!) 

The T-Shirt seminar - thanks to Duncan Jennings
some of us had tour T-shirts!
(Photo: Neil Aitken)

A dog named "crap"!
(photo: Neil Aitken)

Virgin Trains new alternative to train travel?
(photo: Neil Aitken)

Waiting time at a passing shack, time for a seminar!
(photo: Neil Aitken)

Dubious scooping on our first narrow gauge line!
(photo: Neil Aitken)

How small do the trains get?
(photo: Neil Aitken)

The first UK-cranks-abroad knobbly-knees contest?