The Headboard...

In 2002 a cast headboard was purchased. It's first outings weren't quite as successful as anticipated!

Richard takes care to get the headboard level....
(photo: Duncan Jennings) that the best you can do?

Maybe they won't notice if I hold it level!
(photo: Duncan Jennings)

An M44....nope, Denzil discovers it won't fit!

An M40.....damn, no chance here either!

It won't fit an M47 either! Denzil Morgan & Duncan Jennings
got caught out...whilst holding the headboard in place at this
photo-stop (out of sight) the train set off in reverse to a
better location! Our duo simply enjoy the ride!

No lamp-bracket on a bus!

...or a Boeing 757!

On a stuffed exhibit in Debrecen, Hungary (photo : Duncan Jennings)

"Follow me!"

Mercia Charters new mascot? (Photo: Duncan Jennings)

87021 on a Mercia tour? Must've missed that one! (Photo: Richard Lea)