Credit where it's due...

Mercia Charters Limited would like to thank the following individuals and organisations for their help and assistance :

ACTS, Jacques Bernier, Stuart Clarke, María Hidvégi, Bíbor Hidvégi, Duncan Jennings, Ferenc Joó, MÁV Nosztalgia, Patrick Mossoux, NS, Pathfinder Tours, Paul Pastiels, PFT, SNCB/NMBS, Neil Sutton, TUCRail, Garrit Joos, Lars Laenen, Walter Pinet, CFL, Marc Agnes, Graham Belton, Caroline Van den Bossche.

....and for providing information/photographs for the Website :

Neil Aitken, Simon Bennett, Paul Bigland, Daniel Bound, Trevor Cockram, Janet Cottrell, Jo van Doren, Alain Eloot, Johan Van der Eycken, Eddie Goens, Paul Griffin, Carlo Hertogs, Raymond van den Hoven, Steve Jones, Diego De Jonge, Roland Korving, Pascal Martens, Ralph van Meer, Denzil Morgan, Maarten Otto, Andy Powis, Vincent Prins, David Russell, Gary Thornton, Jan Uyttebroeck, Xavier Verschaffel, Mike Wohl, Steven "Ronnie" Wuyts

Website :
This Website has been created for Mercia Charters Limited by Gary Thornton, and is maintained
by Duncan Jennings, with occasional assistance from Gary Thornton.

Photographs on this Website are, unless otherwise credited, taken by Gary Thornton.