Who are Mercia Charters Limited?

Mercia Charters Limited was founded in early 1997 by a group of eager rail enthusiasts predominantly based in the Coventry area with the objective of providing cheap and interesting rail travel for the local community with every charter calling at Coventry, Rugby and Nuneaton. Our trains are aimed at both railway enthusiasts and leisure "day out" passengers. We have no full time staff and everyone involved gives up their own time to organise and staff our tours. Due to us all having "real" jobs and commitments it may take a few days to reply to an email, letter, or send out confirmation of booking so please bear with us if you don't get a rapid reply.

In 1999 Mercia Charters Limited expanded into the growing European railway enthusiast market. In 1999 and 2000 a total of 6 charter trains were run in Belgium. We continue to run regularly in Belgium and we have also run in neighbouring Luxembourg too. 2002 saw us run our first multi-day railtour in Hungary and the Hungarian visits have become an annual event since. Late 2005 will see us running our first railtour in Switzerland....with more different countries to come in future years....

Further details and reviews of our previous trains can be found on the Previous Tours Page.

Details of our forthcoming trains can be found on the Future Tours Page.

The Crew

Some of the Mercia Charters team take a break from duties
during the July 8th 2007 "The Yesteryear" tour at Goes.

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Rogues Gallery

Rogues Gallery II

The headboard...

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The Seminars

The Hungarian Seminars

A Day out in Belgium

Some of our passengers "in action"

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