The Unnatural Selection
(8th March 2003)

Gent Sint Pieters :

2623 waits time to start the tour.

Y Linkebeek Halle :

Permissive working in action! 2625 approaches the rear of the tour as we wait at a junction.

Photo : Duncan Jennings

End of line 260B :

7332 poses at the end of this short branch.


Fleurus :

7332 in the sunshine.

(Photo: Matthew Reeves)

End of line 288 :

Buffer-stop kissing!

End of line 288 :

6218 bringing up the rear.

St Ghislain :

5217 outside the PFT museum

St Ghislain :

6077 waits to take over.

St Ghislain (end of line 98) :

7005 (restored as 270005) at one end of the train.

St Ghislain (end of line 98) :

7005 - quite an unusual looking locomotive.

The paint job on this loco is a real credit to the PFT volunteers.

St Ghislain (end of line 98) :

8524 at the other end of the train.

Gent Sint Pieters :

6077 at the end of a very successful tour.

...and finally :

The seminar photo at the end of line 288!!

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