Ronet Depot Visit
(8th March 2003)

Highlight of the day for some was the opportunity to tour the scrapline at Ronet depot, the last resting place for many an SNCB locomotive.

The advantage of it being a guided tour was that everyone kept together - made getting photos without people in them far easier (unless you were at the back like me!).

Despite the sign we found no 31's...

5303 & 5212 were stabled adjacent to the scrapline - some life in them yet! 
5213 & 5317 - both victims of a collision (with each other?)
Wot no toilet facilities?

After a few beers on the tour some found the half hours tour too much without taking a "PNB" in a quiet corner...

5310 - another shunt victim. Seems SNCB have made a good job of finishing off their Nohabs!
5944 leads a line with two other class members.
Alongside 5944, 5192 looked distinctly "droop-nosed".
Partially dismantled 5163.
5184 was largely in one piece but looking a little battle weary.
The roads to nowhere....
6276 appears to have been resident some time.
1803, the only electric loco in the yard.

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