The Matter of Time
(14th November 2003)

Mons Aviation :


6263 and 6296 wait for everyone to complete their walk round the depot.

Quiévrain :


6296 poses next to one of the station nameboards.

Tertre :


6263 at the south end of the rake.

Tertre :


6296 and a rather splendid semaphore signal - one of the last working ones on SNCB too!

Tertre :


End of the line (SNCB limit) - not too exciting!

Tertre :


The train arrives back at Tertre station.
This was about where the train reached the first time, when it reversed at the bridge.


Photo : Steven "Ronnie" Wuyts

Harmignies :


6263 led up the branch and the train waits just short of the station whilst a few photographs are taken.

Harmignies branch :


6296 in charge, heading the train back towards Mons.


Photo : Steven "Ronnie" Wuyts

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