The Chosen Realm
(20th - 24th September 2004)

Photograph Pages for this tour are split as the tour was spread over five days.

Day 1 : September 20th 2004

Day 2 : September 21st 2004

Day 3 : September 22nd 2004

Day 4 : September 23rd 2004

Day 5 : September 24th 2004

...and a seminar photo (click on thumbnail for an enlarged image)
(photo : Duncan Jennings)


...and finally....

Duncan Jennings takes a rest from the photography....
(photo: Keith Hookham)

large white-backed bear spotted in the woods? No, just our
Mr Reeves caught short! (photo: Keith Hookham)

39:1 - not good odds Mr Hookham!

The Heavy Track Gang (photo: Neil Aitken)

Clean my shoes, slave (photo: Neil Aitken)

I can see over the photters! (photo: Neil Aitken)

Fancy a ride love? (photo: Neil Aitken)

On your bike! (or should that be train?)
(photo: Neil Aitken)

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