The Manage Trois
12th November 2004

Schaerbeek :

Our two tour locos, 6210 & 6262 arrive and reverse en-route to the yard to collect the stock.

Feluy-Zoning :

Having arrived at Feluy-Zoning we had to reverse back to gain the right route, it being blocked by a 77 on a freight when we arrived - never mind, a good location for a photo-stop!

Line 269/1 :

En-route back to Feluy-Zoning.

Line 141 :

6210 at the stops of line 141.

Line 141 :

On our way back to Manage there was a chance to photograph the train on this bridge.

Line 276 :

Sidings at the end of the line.

Line 276 :

A hundred metres or so from the end of the line and the railway ran alongside the river.

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