The Heart of Stone
23rd April 2005

Leuven Yard :

5307 leads the train.

Charleroi Sud Quai :

5320 brings up the rear at the depot platform.

Cour sur Heure :

5307 during a wet photo-stop.

Walcourt :

Out-of-course pathing stop.

Mariembourg :

5320 will lead back to Brussels.

Mariembourg :

Another shot of 5320.

south of Jamioulx :

If PFT can do trackside photo-stops, so can we!

Schaerbeek :

5307 about to hand over to 2351 whilst a 'can' passes.

Schaerbeek :

5307 runs off the train.

Schaerbeek :

2351 takes over for the run back to Gent.

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