14th to 18th September 2003

The Eye of the Beholder

Following on from the success of Mercia Charters first trip to Hungary, this multi-day railtour followed a similar plan to the first. For the band of 42 enthusiasts, including most of those who were on the 2002 tour, it was to prove to be a quite unforgettable experience, as much for events off the train as on it. Making our own way to Hungary, we all met at our booked hotel in Budapest on the Sunday evening for a welcome meal and introductions which were undertaken at the restaurant of a brewery near Budapest! From there on in the trip was again "all inclusive" so everyone could simply sit back and enjoy the experiences this country had to offer.

For ease of reading the tour is split into a Page for each day:

Day 1 - Monday 15th September

Day 2 - Tuesday 16th September

Day 3 - Wednesday 17th September

Day 4 - Thursday 18th September

No bracket for the headboard so the captain of our flight
to Budapest does the honours prior to our boarding the
plane (British Airways Boeing 757 G-CPER) at Heathrow!

These Pages have been created using information & photographs provided by;

Tim Gilbert, Paul Griffin, Duncan Jennings, Ferenc Joˇ, Gary Thornton

...all of whom were on the tour.

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