20th to 24th September 2004

The Chosen Realm

The third Mercia Charters outing to Hungary.

For ease of reading the tour is split into a Page for each day:

Day 1 - Monday 20th September

Day 2 - Tuesday 21st September

Day 3 - Wednesday 22nd September

Day 4 - Thursday 23rd September

Day 5 - Thursday 24th September

Day 0 review
(by Trevor Cockram)

For several of the party the MAV Nostalgia steam trip from Sturvo to Budapest was the meeting point we those who had travelled up on the Solovka and Czech locomotives. For those interested, the loco for the return run was MAV 4-8-0 424 247.

A new hotel for this year in Budapest, the Golden Park Hotel which is just across the Barross Square from the Baross Panizo which had been used in previous years, but this lacked the number of single rooms required by the party. The new hotel was functional, but lacked the space where two people were sharing. There was also a new MAV Nostalgia representative, this was unfortunately due to the death of Mrs H since last years tour in 2003.

The welcome dinner was at the Pauliner Brewhouse, which was three trams stops beyond Deli station. A selection of German beers was on offer including the October Festival beer. The meal was kebabs and chips followed by a pancake. Many of the party travelled through to the tram terminus at Moszkva Tér, but arriving through the tunnel left a few confused, where was the metro station? A group including Denzil stayed at the Brewhouse, and were lucky to get the last metro, which was running later as a result of national No-Car day.

These Pages have been created using information & photographs provided by;

Neil Aiken, Trevor Cockram, Duncan Jennings, Andy Powis

...all of whom were on the tour.

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